Learning Strategies for your Software Engineering Job Search

If I had a perfectly open week where all of my time was completely under my control, how should I choose to spend it to get the most out of my learning?

Big Picture Strategies

  1. What you’ll choose to do across a span of multiple days
  2. How to best divide your day up into “blocks” of time

Spaced Repetition

53 Minutes On, 17 Minutes Off

  1. Drink water (!!!)
  2. Get away from screens
  3. Go for a walk — outside if possible
  4. Eat a low-carb snack (fruit is great)
  5. Listen to music
  6. Call a friend / family member

If you’re working on a lot of different things, aim to give about two hours of attention to each project daily

Plan to do harder things in the morning, easier things in the afternoon

Little Picture

Master the Fundamentals First

  1. Primitive values (integers, strings, booleans, etc.)
  2. Conditionals (if-else)
  3. Control flow (while loops, for loops, etc.)
  4. Functions and scope
  5. Classes and instances
  1. Basic data structures (arrays, hashes, linked-lists, stacks, queues, sets, binary trees, graphs, etc.)
  2. Sorting algorithms (insertion sort, bubble sort, selection sort, merge sort, quick sort, radix sort)
  1. Being able to perform Create, Read, Update, and Delete (CRUD) actions on any data structure from any point (beginning, end, middle) within that data structure
  2. Understand the time and space complexity (Big-O) implications of performing any CRUD action on any given data structure

The 85% Rule

Blooms Taxonomy

Putting it all together



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